Review and Release: Never Let You Go by Monica Murphy

Never Let You Go by Monica Murphy

So I know I am soooo late to this little party and I can’t apologize enough. Life has been using me as its whipping boy the last few weeks. Hopefully I can rectify that today with review and other posts and setting up future posts, just in case. In the meantime, I give you my review and the amazing Never Let You Go by Monica Murphy!

Release Date: May 3rd, 2016


Series: Never Tear Us Apart #2


Genre: Contemporary Romance



Darkly sexy, emotional and forbidden, a woman unwittingly falls in love with the son of her abductor. The conclusion of a two-book contemporary romance series by New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy.

Lies hurt. Lies destroy. I tried my best to understand why Ethan kept his secrets but it was so hard. Until I realized that I couldn’t deny myself any longer — I needed to be with him. We needed each other. Despite my family’s wariness, the media’s fascination with us, the fact that his father still has a stranglehold on our lives, we belong together. No matter what. I will never let Ethan go. But sometimes love destroys us too, and we’re too weak to banish the demons. Especially when our demons are determined to ruin us…

Never Let You Go (Never Tear Us Apart, #2)Never Let You Go by Monica Murphy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Never Let You Go was emotional and dramatic. Monica Murphy is a maestro of suspense in this contemporary romance, hindered by the past future and present.

Katie is slowly overcoming her traumatic past…with the help of Will, or as she’s come to realize: Ethan, the same boy who saved her as a kid. This story is a lot of peddling through I love yous, I miss you, you lied to me, what happened, how can we work, what will people think. After about the 4th round of the same questions with no forward momentum I was losing faith, but I kept trudging. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this story, and I love the romance between Katie and Ethan and how it may even be perceived as taboo, but for two people so intent on communication, they said nothing, for a story that hinted at so much, we were showed nothing. Any time it seemed something might have happened we had a time jump to another seen and more conversations that usually started with “what will they think?” before it progressed further, including Katie’s family.

Interestingly enough, this story has multiple pints of view: Katie, Ethan/Will, Aaron, Will’s father and the overzealous news reporter. The extra 2 POvs added suspense and drama to the otherwise lovesick story. And can I just say, Aaron needs some serious Psycho help, thank You.

Any ways, yes I love the love but wish we got to see more of it and not just the constant back and forth on we’re in love, but what’s going to happen, can we make it? Otherwise fabulous book, and also this isn’t just a romance, don’t ever think that, just because that’s what I tend to focus on can be misleasding…I’m sorry okay. This is very much a drama. If you’ve read Never Tear Us Apart, you know all these people have some serious frickin issues, that’s not just going to go away, though they do get a dog *insert goofy smile here* Aww co-ownership!

Annnyywwaaayyssss. Loved this book. Monica ended them with a definite bang!! If you haven’t picked up this series yet, please go, go now and read them!!

~Let the Ink Run Free

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About the Author:

Monica Murphy is the New York Times, USA Today and #1 international bestselling author of the One Week Girlfriend series, the Billionaire Bachelors and The Rules series. Her books have been translated in almost a dozen languages and has sold over one million copies worldwide. She is both self-published and published by Random House/Bantam and Harper Collins/Avon. She writes new adult, young adult and contemporary romance.

She is a wife and a mother of three who lives in central California on fourteen acres in the middle of nowhere along with their one dog and too many cats. A self-confessed workaholic, when she’s not writing, she’s reading or hanging out with her husband and kids. She’s a firm believer in happy endings, though she will admit to putting her characters through angst-filled moments before they finally get that hard won HEA.

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Review: Soul of Flame (Imdlaind #4) by Rebecca Ethington

Soul of Flame (Imdalind, #4)Soul of Flame by Rebecca Ethington

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WYN! <33

I’m going to start off by saying that I absolutely LOVVEEDDDD how much more of Wyn we got in this book, I mean she’s fabulous to begin with, and now she’s dealing with so much. Imprisonment, these powers that have been hidden, then losing them, worrying over Talon, watching and wondering what the heck is going on with Ryland, and what Sain is doing.

The plot buildup holy hallucinations, Batman!!! This was like the tidal wave over buildup, so much that you know–you know–something, someone big is coming, but it still evades us.

I understand why some people were a bit peeved, a lot of this book is repeating events that took place in Scorched Treachery, only from other POVs, we see the other side of the coin now, and what was happening while Joclyn was trapped in Cail’s mind. While Ilyan is on the other side of the world. What had Edmund Cain and Ryland been up to? So questions are answered. I get it. We all want to move forward, resolution, and normally, I’d be right there with you. But in this case I truly think that we needed this bit of insight, perhaps not as much as we got, it could’ve been shorter than the about 50% of the book it is right now, but oh well, I had fun reading it and digging into the breadcrumb clues, scrapping together these new bits of character information and shocking revelations!

No Spoilers people. You know me.

And since there were huge stride in character development (especially of one of my faves, mis Wynifred) I am soooo on board with this book! I mean we finally know about Wyn’s past! and omg, trauma mamma!! No wonder it plagues her sleep. So many secrets, her own and others’.

*giddily claps hands*

Okay I have to stop talking about Soul of Flame because I now need/want to goo read it.
I suggest you go and read it too!

~Let the Ink Run Free

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Review and Release Blitz: Losing You by Ryleigh Andrews

Losing You Instagram Now available

Welcome to the Losing You Release Blitz!! Let Starts things off with my review before we go into the rest, and make sure to scroll through the entire page, because there a great giveaway at the bottom!!


My Review

Losing You (Stars On Fire, #4)Losing You by Ryleigh Andrews

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 1/2 stars!

This story.

Where do I even start? At the beginning with how my feelings started out? Or how they developed? Or how they ended? I was a jumble throughout this book, a mess of love and hate and confusion, and the best books aren’t clean cut but messy, they really get you into the story and the heart of the characters and can make or break you.

beautiful young couple close-up portrait

That was Losing You.

At first I honestly wasn’t sure about it. The POVs (Tom, Mia, Lizzy, and Mark) were jumping all around and while it seemed to have jumped right into the story, the beginning was slow, then it went peddle to the metal and so much happened in such a short amount of time, both good and bad.

On top of the pacing confusion, I was mad as H-E-double hockey sticks at Ryleigh because The character pairings seemed so off to me. The proper pairings screamed at me from the first meeting and yet we were denied their romance. But this is thee story. The story of Multiple loves. Of finding it in unsuspecting places or circumstances. For these four characters, their lives are not perfect by any means, but they fit together. Tom and Elizabeth have been best friends since a party when they were kids. Then Mia and Mark came along while Lizzy was at school and working in Colorado, allowing Mark and Tom to develop their friendship and Tom to crush on Mia, and Lizzy to come home to new prospects.

These characters, oh man there is such of diversity of personality and static to dynamic. Watching them change and develop, grow or regress. Mistakes and progress. I mean these are some of the most human characters I’ve read in a while, and I LOVEDDDD it!! It was sexy, it was sweet, it was dramatic with a flair of angst. Did I mention the sexy?

on top

Yeah there was definitely that.

I don’t want to give anything away but I will say that nothing is ever as it seems in this story. NOTHING. And Losing You isn’t just about breaking up and losing the one you love, the heartbreak of separation, but also *slight spoiler* character death *end spoiler*. Yes I cried. Yes I am not talking to Ryleigh Andrews right now. But while I am grieving the story was beautiful and the ending poignant and uplifting, and dare I say fun.

While some heavy topics arise in this story, a light air can always be found just around the corner, nothing drags you into the bog.

This book can be read as a standalone, which is what I did. Admittedly I have not read the other Stars on Fire novels, and while I loved this book without them and it made sense, if you’d prefer it or have already read them, I have a feeling they will give you far more context to situations that arise–or are mentioned regarding the Mia, Tom and Mark’s past–throughout the story, especially featuring Mia.

Read the others or don’t, it truly doesn’t matter, but I urge you to read this one. Losing You is a story that’ll stay with you long after you’ve finished it.

Girlfriend and boyfriend kissing

Amorous girlfriend and boyfriend kissing in bed

~Let the Ink Run Free

*I receive an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review*

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Now The Blitz!!!!!!


Losing You (Stars On Fire #4)

by Ryleigh Andrews

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Release Date: April 4, 2016



When you hit the bottom, you have two choices:


Succumb to the darkness or claw your way back to the light.


Staying will be the end of friendships, love and possibly your life.


If you choose to fight, be prepared to falter along the way. Everything will be different. Even you.


Especially you.


If you think the choice is easy, think again.



losing you now available cover

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About the Author

During the day, Ryleigh is an analyst, but even then, she’s writing, sneakily crafting scenes on post-it notes. She’s been told she’s a bit of a geek…some say nerd. She’ll agree to it all. She loves music. It’s been a force in her life for as long as she can remember. Her love of Star Wars and superheroes has probably been going on just as long…see, this is where the geek/nerd thing comes into play. But, most of all, Ryleigh loves the written word. She’s been writing for a long time. Her first story came to her during one of her history classes. She wrote it in the margins of her notebook in teeny tiny letters so no one knew that she was writing a book instead of taking notes on 16th Century Europe. She currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband and son, along with her Siberian Husky, Mick Jagger, and her cat, Winston Churchill.


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Review: Bad Blood by Shey Stahl

Bad BloodBad Blood by Shey Stahl

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not sure what to say about this book. I honestly had been so excited to read it, the summary sounded am-AH-zing, and the plot was right up my alley. I had been on a romance and fantasy binge so a thriller, action, kind of mob/gang story sounded excellent to me.

The story started off well, meeting Rush, or Ronan, knowing that he’s a Navy Seal who’s about to leave the service to be with his preggo wife. When he gets a phone call that Ava, his wife, is missing thing start to deteriorate, both for Rush and the storyline in general.

But wait before we go there let me just say that I truly did like this book. I liked Rush (98% of the time) and my absolute favorite was his little brother. I mean can I keep him? Adorabable (yes, that is correct)!!!!! In a grown man, sexily sweet kind of way of course.

Now the plot, it seemed kind of messy, sometimes I would hunker down and be like Yes! this is it. and others I was moaning and covering my face wanting to scream at my tablet “what the ever-loving f*&k do you think you’re doing?” or “Make up your freaking mind already!”

I mean honestly, Ronan prided himself on his years of service to the SEALs and their code of ethics, how he was nothing like his father, etc etc. And then 5 pages in and the SEALs are out the window and he knows that he’s acting like his father and that he’s thrown his own morals and guide book out the window but doesn’t care. The darkness is overtaken him and he welcomes it. He knows that his wife wouldn’t like the man he had become, yet he ignores that fact even though so was more important than anything else. And even his ways of questioning people and tracking down his wife’s kidnapper, is elusive at best. I mean for Christ sake he’s a SEAL! he should know better ways to go about this than like the amateur he was acting like. The way he did it drew out the story and gave it more of an edge, but with his background and what had been established in the first chapter about his character, it should never have taken him as long as it did. Nor had been as messy.

I think the flashbacks to his past/childhood with his wife were some of my favorite moments and gave more insight into their relationship, especially since we never really got to see them together.
But like I said, I still liked this story, not my favorite, but it was a quick read and fun trying to Sherlock Holmes my way through the clues as to who’d done it. Alex though was definitely my favorite and made up for the inconstancies of his brother. And there was some character growth/development even with the mishmash of plot development. So that’s always a win for me 😉

Overall it was good, but could have used some more reworking, it felt rushed, both the prose and like it was a time crunch to get it out despite whether it was ready or not.

~Let the Ink Run Free

*This book was given in exchange for an hones review*

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Review: Felony Ever After by Helena Hunting and Debra Anastasia (plus 11 other authors!)

Felony Ever AfterFelony Ever After by Helena Hunting

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Omg! Is there no way to give above 5 stars? A sweet and sexy read. And 13 authors collaborating to write this….I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing I think they all are. There was so set outline or script, it was practically adlibbed chapter to chapter as one author wrote and sent their part of the story off to the next to be added to like a impromptu skit on Saturday Night Live. But even more was the continuity and despite these writers having different styles and the characters not being their sole creation, you would never know that different people were writing and making it up and the character personality and storyline as they went.

There were so many places that I died laughing, okay so this entire book killed me really.

“They were tooshie twins. Caboose compadres. Butt buddies, if you will. This was a tiny piece of him, matched perfectly to a tiny piece of her.”

It was so sweet in a quirky, who thinks of this shit, oh that’s right–I would say something like that kind of way!

Hudson Fenn, Oh man…I don’t know if anyone can top him he has like everything going for him in my book that just makes him yum while still being sweet and adorable with his “easy confidence and kindness”, those tattoos and piercings, and just HIM!

Then there’s Verity Michaels. She was a riot. She reminded me so much of Helena Hunting’s Violet from Pucked (one of my absolute favorite female characters) so naturally I was all over Verity like white on freaking rice. And her tweets? I seriously want her account to be a real thing. Can it be a real thing? Hudson’s too? I want a #tatwhiteknight.

If I let myself I’d probably rant all day about this book and quote every other line, and I don’t want to spoil shite for ya’ll so go Buy, Borrow, Read…NOW! This book just released and I know I’m not the only one going gaga and raving like a lunatic about #poundHudson. Seriously, take my advice, please?

I can’t recc this enough! #poundHudson #twitterfights #boobbesties #buttsoulmates


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Review: Second Chance Boyfriend (One Week Girlfriend #2) by Monica Murphy

Second Chance Boyfriend (Drew + Fable, #2)Second Chance Boyfriend by Monica  Murphy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Perfect BeginningOmg you guys! I loved this book. While it may be the end of our journey with Drew and Fable, it is by no means their end. It is just their beginning. Yeah I’m channeling my inner Anastasia there, but it’s no less true. In the first book I think we saw a lot more of Fable, her family, personality and mind but here, this story is Drew and how he finally gets his shot together and gets Fable back after being a d*#k of major proportions. I don’t know if I can review this with out giving away too much, so I’ll just say that you won’t be disappointed, if you thought One Week Girlfriend was good, Second Chance Boyfriend blew it out of the Park!I do believe the series continues, should we? I think we shall. Read on and ~Let the Ink Run Free

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Review: Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram

Cinder & EllaCinder & Ella by Kelly Oram
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

EnchantingKelly Oran sweeps us away into a fairytale world. Hollywood.A land where Fame and Pain collide. I’m an ardent reader of fairytale remakes, and Oram cast the perfect spell for this story, it’s effects lasting long past midnight or even once you’ve stopped reading.I don’t want to spoil anything so ill just say:Her characters are great, you love them and love to hate them. She even manages to add a little magic to the stigma of Step-families. It upholds the honor of Happily Ever Afters everywhere. I can’t wait to read more from her.Let the Ink Run Free

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