Review: House of Judges (House of Royals #4) by Keary Taylor

House of Judges (House of Royals, #4)House of Judges by Keary Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I am beyond a day late and a dollar short on this review, I know.
I fail at life…Cast your stones.

Okay, the review. Keary Taylor has done it again. I keep wondering how it’s all going to work out, but then as the plot unfolds it’s like

Of course how else is this supposed to go down?? But I digress.

House of Judges if a whirlwind of information, suspense, longing, and giddy anticipation.
No spoilers but just to tease….

The Information: We learn so much more about the vampire world, court life and even Alivia’s family. Being as she is a descendent of the third son, we finally get to meet the old codger, Dorian! Okay so technically he’s forever frozen at a young age, but technicalities….eh.

Suspense: What is going to happen to Alivia, to her house? What about the attacks that have been happening and why would they want to frame her???

Longing: Alivia and Ian are reunited…in prison, but they’re also separated by their cells and their actions. They sooo want each other

but then there’s King Cyrus and his twisted self, and Raheem with his affections and pet name ‘my nofret’. What’s a girl to do?

As for giddy anticipation….well I guess you’ll just have to read the book and suffer the same feelings I went through. 😉

I was transfixed from the very first book not only by her characters, but their development and the plot. *squees and shudders*
Yeah, I know. I get too excited about character development. And this book was a doozy of character and plot development its like how many epiphanies can occur in one novel? And well the little nugget that was unearthed at the end of the book.

Totally saw that coming from the very first, but well yeah there is something BIGGER happening here. And you need to read this book so then we can talk about what-the-ever-loving-frick is going on!!! So go forth my House and devour House of Judges then return to me so we can talk about what is going on here. PLEASE???

~Let the Ink Run Free

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