Review: Felony Ever After by Helena Hunting and Debra Anastasia (plus 11 other authors!)

Felony Ever AfterFelony Ever After by Helena Hunting

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Omg! Is there no way to give above 5 stars? A sweet and sexy read. And 13 authors collaborating to write this….I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing I think they all are. There was so set outline or script, it was practically adlibbed chapter to chapter as one author wrote and sent their part of the story off to the next to be added to like a impromptu skit on Saturday Night Live. But even more was the continuity and despite these writers having different styles and the characters not being their sole creation, you would never know that different people were writing and making it up and the character personality and storyline as they went.

There were so many places that I died laughing, okay so this entire book killed me really.

“They were tooshie twins. Caboose compadres. Butt buddies, if you will. This was a tiny piece of him, matched perfectly to a tiny piece of her.”

It was so sweet in a quirky, who thinks of this shit, oh that’s right–I would say something like that kind of way!

Hudson Fenn, Oh man…I don’t know if anyone can top him he has like everything going for him in my book that just makes him yum while still being sweet and adorable with his “easy confidence and kindness”, those tattoos and piercings, and just HIM!

Then there’s Verity Michaels. She was a riot. She reminded me so much of Helena Hunting’s Violet from Pucked (one of my absolute favorite female characters) so naturally I was all over Verity like white on freaking rice. And her tweets? I seriously want her account to be a real thing. Can it be a real thing? Hudson’s too? I want a #tatwhiteknight.

If I let myself I’d probably rant all day about this book and quote every other line, and I don’t want to spoil shite for ya’ll so go Buy, Borrow, Read…NOW! This book just released and I know I’m not the only one going gaga and raving like a lunatic about #poundHudson. Seriously, take my advice, please?

I can’t recc this enough! #poundHudson #twitterfights #boobbesties #buttsoulmates


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