Review: Bad Blood by Shey Stahl

Bad BloodBad Blood by Shey Stahl

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not sure what to say about this book. I honestly had been so excited to read it, the summary sounded am-AH-zing, and the plot was right up my alley. I had been on a romance and fantasy binge so a thriller, action, kind of mob/gang story sounded excellent to me.

The story started off well, meeting Rush, or Ronan, knowing that he’s a Navy Seal who’s about to leave the service to be with his preggo wife. When he gets a phone call that Ava, his wife, is missing thing start to deteriorate, both for Rush and the storyline in general.

But wait before we go there let me just say that I truly did like this book. I liked Rush (98% of the time) and my absolute favorite was his little brother. I mean can I keep him? Adorabable (yes, that is correct)!!!!! In a grown man, sexily sweet kind of way of course.

Now the plot, it seemed kind of messy, sometimes I would hunker down and be like Yes! this is it. and others I was moaning and covering my face wanting to scream at my tablet “what the ever-loving f*&k do you think you’re doing?” or “Make up your freaking mind already!”

I mean honestly, Ronan prided himself on his years of service to the SEALs and their code of ethics, how he was nothing like his father, etc etc. And then 5 pages in and the SEALs are out the window and he knows that he’s acting like his father and that he’s thrown his own morals and guide book out the window but doesn’t care. The darkness is overtaken him and he welcomes it. He knows that his wife wouldn’t like the man he had become, yet he ignores that fact even though so was more important than anything else. And even his ways of questioning people and tracking down his wife’s kidnapper, is elusive at best. I mean for Christ sake he’s a SEAL! he should know better ways to go about this than like the amateur he was acting like. The way he did it drew out the story and gave it more of an edge, but with his background and what had been established in the first chapter about his character, it should never have taken him as long as it did. Nor had been as messy.

I think the flashbacks to his past/childhood with his wife were some of my favorite moments and gave more insight into their relationship, especially since we never really got to see them together.
But like I said, I still liked this story, not my favorite, but it was a quick read and fun trying to Sherlock Holmes my way through the clues as to who’d done it. Alex though was definitely my favorite and made up for the inconstancies of his brother. And there was some character growth/development even with the mishmash of plot development. So that’s always a win for me 😉

Overall it was good, but could have used some more reworking, it felt rushed, both the prose and like it was a time crunch to get it out despite whether it was ready or not.

~Let the Ink Run Free

*This book was given in exchange for an hones review*

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