Review: One Week Girlfriend (One Week Girlfriend Quartet # 1) by Monica Murphy

One Week Girlfriend (Drew + Fable, #1)One Week Girlfriend by Monica  Murphy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Quick, Sweet and Lonely storySo I actually read this book a while ago, like a couple years ago, but I thought I had reviewed it. You’re probably wondering how this book can be all the things I described it as above. Well the story just flies by, the pacing a quick canter through the lives of Drew and Fable and their one week romance. While they’re together, everything seems brilliant the crap in their lives can fall away. And yet they’re both more lonely than ever with the burden of family or friends, the pressures of their real lives, not their make-believe romance which press down on them. Drew is the star quarterback with shining lineage, Fable a girl barely making ends meet for herself and her brother while trying to conceal the truth of her mother from their lives. As you know characters and character development are very important to me, and I loved the development of these two individually and how they grew and changed together. What bothered me and made this a 4* review was the rote plot at times, either clicheed scenes or finicky emotions. I felt like Corky Romano may have had a hand in a few parts (you do, you don’t, you do, it’s okay if you don’t). But like I said, that was only at some points, what really drew me in was Drew and Fable and knowing that their story does continue, that this wasn’t the end for them, makes me so happy and you can find me at the end of Second Chance Boyfriend!!Read this and ~Let the Ink Run Free

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