Review: Deal Breakers by Laura Lee

Deal BreakersDeal Breakers by Laura Lee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I have very mixed feelings about this book. When I first saw it on NetGalley and then received an ARC for review I was beyond excited. The cover was cute, I like the author, and the synopsis had me begging for more.

The story starts off with the initial meeting between Devyn and Riley and follows their friendship–and more–throughout college, alternating points of view between the two. The college years were my favorite part. We actually got to get to know these sexy, funny and sweet characters and learn how they interacted together, see a little more depth.

Then the One night that Changed everything.

It changed everything alright. The book was put on fast forward and skim. Everything felt like it was whipping by. I was in a moving car trying to point out individual trees and landmarks, but only seeing blurs as I pass them by. Oh look there’s Riley, oh Devyn’s here too, but that’s all. the story was rushing so fast we lost the connection and depth of the beginning. We’re bustled from pregnant, to 5years later. Riley moved back. Devyn is there. Riley wants her back. Devyn’s current boyfriend is in the way. Riley finds out he’s a father, he becomes even more committed. Devyn still loves Riley. She decides to give him a chance.

There’s nothing else. We don’t get to see the “family outings” they were supposed to go on, or how Jackson interacted with Nathan (or even how he was with Nathan and Devyn together), only ever Devyn or other adults. We never experienced more socializing or being shown what was happening, it just switched POVs and the other character told us what had happened in the time-lapse.

I’m disappointed because this book had the potential to be so much better, but it was like the time or the effort just wasn’t put into it and corners were cut to get it out. It’s still good. Cute. but it’s much more textbook. Hot, manwhore falls for the perfect woman at first sight, but she’s untouchable and then they’re friends…neither willing to cross that line. Chemistry is great, but he’s afraid. Realizes his mistake. She still loves him, so it doesn’t take much convincing to win her back, despite how he left her, despite her boyfriend, despite their years apart. Everything falls perfectly into place. The End.

Even the conflict was much a conflict between Riley and Jackson. I’m not saying it has to be huge, but this book made it seem like there would be more of an obstacle(s) to overcome and there wasn’t. Just a story to be told.

All that being said, I did like it. I’m a horrible, irrevocable hopeless romantic, and so the love story tore at me and had me reading through till the end. While it may have lacked some depth, it certainly is a nice fluffy read to curl up with and lose yourself in Riley and Devyn. And Riley. I mentioned him right?

*Thank you to NetGalley for giving me a copy of this book in return for my honest review*

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