Inescapable Cover Revealed–Piece by Piece and Interview with Sophie Davis

Hello Sophie Davis fans, and Fanatics of the Talented Saga.

We are getting closer and closer to the next book in the saga, Inescapable. Before it comes out, we’d like to introduce the new cover for the upcoming book to you. Okay so we’re going to tease you. A couple other bloggers and myself have teamed up, along with Sophie Davis to reveal the cover to you, a piece a day. The other participating blogs are:

Living in a World of Book Quotes

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Sophie Davis Books

And now, my piece of the cover…

Inescapable Piece Wednesday

Inescapable (Talented Saga #5) by Sophie Davis

This Anticipated New Release To the Talented Saga is set to come out Late December 2015/Early January 2016 as of right now, though though dates can change. It will be available in eBook & Paperback formats.

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Book #6 in the Award-Winning Talented Saga

With a Talent like Mind Manipulation, Talia Lyons has always been able to talk her way out of any sticky situation. Not this time. This time Talia’s impulsive nature has landed her on Vault, UNITED’s prison island in the Isle of Exile. But when a new group called the Privileged threatens everyone she loves, Talia cannot sit idly by. Prison break, anyone?


I want to thank not only Sophie for stopping by to answer some questions but two of my favorite characters: Talia and Erik! To start us off, lets talk to Erik and Talia.

Starting off easy…

Erik, what’s your favorite thing about Talia?

How worked up she gets about things. It’s adorable.

Talia, how did it feel to get to see Kenly again, but only have to let her go again? Do you think she’ll be okay?

Definitely bittersweet. I’m glad I was able to see her, but it was pretty hard to let her go so soon. I’m sure she’ll be okay. She’s got a great group of friends. I’m sure they will take care of her.

In Created, we were left reeling with Gretchen’s betrayal, can you tell us anything about that, or if we’ll see more of her? How shocked were you, Talia?

You will be seeing more of her sooner rather than later and learning what she’s been up to since breaking out of prison.

I was extremely shocked to learn she was part of husband’s diabolical plan. More than that, I was pretty hurt. She was always so nice to me, which made her betrayal so much worse than Mac’s.

Can either of you tell us a little more about the book, your roles, or the other characters? Vault or the Privileged?

Talia: I start the book in prison, on Vault. Besides the extreme boredom and being separated from Erik, the opportunity to rest and relax makes being a prisoner not as bad as you might think. One month has passed since the end of Unforgettable, and my sentence is about to be reviewed by the Council to determine whether I’m eligible for release. So when Victoria Walburton asks me to review some odd occurrences in a rural town in France, I agree in the hopes it will sway the Council in my favor.

Erik: I spent the month between Unforgettable and Inescapable speaking at peace rallies, to garner support for the upcoming Coexistence Treaty. In the beginning of Inescapable, I am about to return to the Isle of Exile for the first time since Talia was arrested. I just have one last rally to attend. That’s when I am attacked by a girl who claims she is Privileged. This is the first UNITED has heard of a group called the Privileged. After returning to the islands, I start to investigate who and what type of organization they are

If you had a free day to do whatever you wanted what would it be?

Erik: Sleep. I’d definitely sleep.

Talia: Well, I’ve had a lot of “free days” lately, they have all been spent inside a windowless cell. So I think I’d probably spend the day outside at the beach.

Do you ever wish you were normal, that you weren’t Talented?

Erik: I do.

Talia: Not me. My Talents are too much a part of me. Without them, I think like I was missing an arm or a leg.

What about being one of the Created, does that affect your opinion of yourself, or others around you?

Erik: For me it does. I know people think I’m dangerous just because I’m Created. They normally just avoid me, but sometimes it goes a step further and they shout and/or throw things.

Talia: The stigma associated with being Created is pretty bad. I hate that. But being Talented these days isn’t much better, since most people don’t differentiate between the two.

For Sophie Davis:

Describe Inescapable in 5 words.

Talia, Erik, action, and romance.

If you could have any of the Talents, which one would you choose? Why?

Invisibility. You can get away without doing your hair and makeup, and even not getting dressed, and still go out and run errands.

I don’t believe in spoilers, but is there a line or section that was your favorite?

Hahaha. I always have such a hard time picking lines and/or quotes. So, for right now, I’m going to say you’ll to wait 🙂

What are you currently reading?

The Single Undead Moms Club by Molly Harper.

Anything in the works, or coming out next that you can let us in on?

The Syndicate, the first book in my new Timewaves Series, is about to come out. I am very excited. It is set in 1925 Paris and is a mix of time travel, historical fiction, mystery, and mafia.

What would be the biggest piece of advice you wish someone had given you before you started writing?

Don’t get bogged down in how others do it. If outlining works for you, you should outline. If you aren’t a planner and prefer to just go with it, that’s what you should do. You need to find what’s best for you.

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays….

If Talia and Erik were celebrating Thanksgiving, what would they be thankful for?

Each other 🙂

What would this rag-tag band of characters want for Christmas? Would they celebrate it? How?

They’d definitely celebrate. I picture them roasting a ham on the beach, and having a big, informal gathering. I think they’d do the ugly sweater thing. Talia and Erik would just want some time off together to be alone for the holidays. They haven’t had a lot of down time lately.

What’s your favorite holiday?


What traditions do you love?

We always go to the movies on Christmas. I love doing that.

FAVORITES~ At-The-Moment

Favorite Movie: Independence Day

Favorite Book: The Giver

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Song: Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon.

Favorite TV-Show: Scream Queens

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Birthday cake, mostly the frosting 🙂

More About the Author:

Sophie“Sophie Davis” is the pseudonym for two best friends, roommates, and now writing partners. The pair met at Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law in 2005 and instantly bonded over their love of great books and bad horror movies. After they graduated, when one longed for the ability to read minds so she wouldn’t have to study for the bar exam, a Saga was born. When the Talented Saga went on to be an internationally bestselling series, the girls decided to throw caution to the wind and follow their shared life-long dream of being writers.

The duo currently lives in Washington, D.C. with a poodle and an adorable rescued mutt. The pups are their faithful companions—with frequent social media appearances—as the girls navigate the world of Indie Publishing.

For more information, visit

Author Social Networks:

~ Twitter: @SophieDavisBook

~ Facebook Author Page:

~ Instagram: @SophieDavisBooks

~Tumblr: @AuthorSophieDavis

~ Pinterest:

Author Site:

Other Sophie Davis Novels (Indicates Yet-to-be-Released Titles):

The Talented Saga: Talented, Hunted, Caged, Captivated, Created, Exiled: Kenly’s Story, Unforgettable, (Inescapable)

The Blind Barriers Trilogy: Fragile Facade, Platinum Prey, (Vacant Voices)

The Nightmares Trilogy: Pawn, (Sacrifice), (Checkmate)

Timewaves Series: (The Syndicate)


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