Reading and Writing Between the Lines: Leave a little Room

While knowing how your story is going to go and flow, you also should be aware of how to format your manuscript for today’s publishing, agents and editing.

editor letter

Just like when you were back in school and the teachers would yell at you about these minute details: turn in your manuscript in Times New Roman, 12pt font double-spaced. If you remember MLA this should be an old hat by now. This brings the most convenience to not only being able to read your work unhindered but also for editing, if need be, on any device.

Swirly or creative fonts are fun, but really, when you print them, or try to read them for periods of time it becomes cumbersome.

There is so much to putting together a query and sending out your manuscript, to learn more read about it here:

Formatting Your Novel Manuscript

You should also become very familiar with editors marks, both for your own use and for working in conjunction with editors in any capacity.
editors marks

And then, then will come the marketing, how to promote your book to the best advantage.
Keep Writing and Let the Ink Run Free~


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