A Writer’s Work is Never Done…Is It?

I am so sorry to have been MIA the past week. I was on vacation, and the ‘Wi-Fi’ service at the hotel wasn’t exactly cooperating with my computer or Facebook.

So, I’ll pick up where I left off.

There are so many questions I see authors ask their readers, especially depending on genre. But one that really caught my attention was brought up by Brittney Sahin on WordPress.

When do you end a novel? Do you make a sequel? a Series? Do you write a spin-off using characters from the original storyline?

These are questions that make plotting and mapping out your entire story and character chart. You need to know exactly where this story is going. Its okay if things are added in as you go–heaven knows you never know when inspiration will strike, but there should be some goal, some end point that your trying to weave and reach.

Once that goal is met, do not force more if there is nothing, that is where sequels come in. How long is your story? Does is have points in which it could be broken into segments? Or Would one book suffice? Could more come from this plot and these characters? either in a spin-off with supporting characters (or bring in new characters using the same universe if you’re a Fantasy writer)? Many authors have done this successfully.
One of the most recent examples is Leigh Bardugo with Six of Crows from the Grishaverse. or Sophie Davis with Exiled: Kenly’s Story from the Talented saga.


So remember, write your ending first. Decide if it can be broken up into parts and decide the ending for each part. If there is more to say, then say it. If you are going to be forcing storyline and characters, circumstances that don’t make sense or shouldn’t/don’t have to be happening then most likely your readers will pull away. It will not have the same draw as the other stories. DON’T DO IT.


Find a new book to write. new characters. But let this one lay.

Any other questions?

Keep Writing and Let the Ink Run Free~


One thought on “A Writer’s Work is Never Done…Is It?

  1. Hi- thanks for your input. I think I am leaning toward new characters/not a series. My editor made a plot suggestion, which basically changed the entire direction of my novel (so with a new end came the option of sequel or potential spin off series). I agree with you- know your end before you write! I always had a series in mind/ but opted against it when I was done (feeling I wanted to move on)- until my editor suggested a spin-off. But I am really craving a whole new world of characters to design- so I bet if I feel that way- my readers will as well. Your post helped me see that – Thank you!


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