Stories are built from the bottom up. Who’s bottom?

Does you character have character? Charisma? Chutzpah?

How do you go about creating your character? Do you flesh every aspect out, even those that will never be printed?

You should!! It will give your character more depth and bring them to life, off the page and into the reader’s home, beyond imagination. There are so many details that go into writing a character, humans, or any creature are very complex, with emotions and backgrounds. We didn’t just pop out of the snow like daisies!

Creating Character

Try using a chart like the one below, give as much detail as possible!!!

You can pull from it later on and thread it throughout your story. Well-built and thought-out characters are important to any story. The are the foundations which a story is built Without characters, their relationships, faults, merits, perceptions, the story is all but lost to us.

chart4 chart2 chart3 chart5 character chart1

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