Talk about You! Building Your Authorship

Today, let’s talk about you, the writer, the author and how you can improve your following, write better, build a community.

Even if you don’t have your book finished yet, or near publishing, make Facebook, Twitter, Google and Blog pages in which you post and talk to the world, about your day, about your writing process, what your dog did that inspired you or your kids. People respond to the humanness in us, do not make the mistake of putting up a wall thinking that that is what’s needed.

On Google not only can you post but there’s communities just like Facebook built for writers, for editing, for Indie authors, for publishing, for self publishing…Google+ isn’t as popular as Facebook, and that may be a good thing. The Writers Communities on Google+ are more manageable and your questions and comments are apt to be answered more readily. I’m in several. What are you waiting for?
*As a additional note, get an Google+ Authorship!! Nothing you post on your blog, or anywhere really can be taken as your words, unless Google says so.*

Google+ Commuites

On that same vein, follow great writing blogs (Try or and others that will help you, get in touch with blogs that review and promote authors and start following them finding ones you like, commenting on their posts and making those connections depending on your genre ( is good for almost every genre).

follow blogs

Lastly, READ! The more you read, the more you gain knowledge of all various writing styles, of characters and flaws and endearments, of what works, of what you would want to use or just what is out there and now how to find of new way to say what has already been told. No matter what read, and not just your genre, or what appeals to you. Read everything, that makes you exceptional.


And then Let the Ink Run Free~


Tell me what you think. Feedback people. It's always nice.

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