A Criminal Thematic Thursday

Hello!! So Welcome to another #ThematicThursday ! Do we have any Crime, Mystery, and or Thriller writers out there? Well today is for you.

Who doesn’t like a little Suspense, the angst and cagey feeling that grips you and keeps you turning page after page even though you may be scared or a little creeped/grossed out. That you’re not sure you like where this is headed but you can’t look away.

It’s thanks to these brilliant writers!

Suspense quote

But do you how to go about writing your novel? What goes into writing a crime novel, not even making it brilliant–which it should and will be–but just the basic foundations of what makes of any Crime story?
Now Novel lays it out for you.
but a word to all writers–no matter your genre, you ALWAYS have a contract with your reader, and unless it is in an area where you can break that contract….fantasy sometimes has that perk..then NEVER try to.


Now, now we can move into the deeper territory of HOW TO KILL YOUR CHARACTER!
Do you know when and how to kill your character? This applies to all genres now
As for the wounds and blood, learn them well and different, descriptive ways of writing them, how such things could be interlaced in your story, what red herring could intercept the true cause?

kill characterBlood wounds

Think! Write! Let the ink Run Free~


Tell me what you think. Feedback people. It's always nice.

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