Review: Pulled by Amy Lichtenhan (aka A.L. Jackson)

PulledPulled by Amy Lichtenhan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review*

Separated for nine years by misconceptions of the past, Melanie and Daniel wander through life miserable, constantly feeling that pull of the other in their heart but denying it.

When fate intervenes nine years later, neither can resist the pain and pull of their hearts any more. Though they have reconciled the past, it is the present which threatens their love now–Melanie’s loveless marriage and abusive husband.

This is truly just a fun, easy read. It’s engaging (I know I didn’t want to put it down!).

I actually really liked this story. It was fluffy, though there were times of anxiety. Overall it was just a very sappy, love story, but kind of romantic would I be if I didn’t like that? There’s steam, but it doesn’t overpower the other features of the story and the characters and the problems that they face. Other than the high dramatization of the pull (an effect so strong, that the term soul mates is not even all-encompassing enough) between Daniel and Melanie it was a very realistic read.

I would reccomend this to all romantics out there, or for a lazy day, or beach read!

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