Review: Unforgettable (Talented Saga 4.5) by Sophie Davis

UnforgettableUnforgettable by Sophie Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

~4 1/2 stars~

Talia is back in action, along with Erik, Penny, Brand, Frederick and Henri to save the Created–specifically Kenly and the other captured by Poachers.

From Talia’s eyes we visit Eden, interact with UNITED (especially Victoria), go to England, and piece together the broken world Toxic left behind, and the new one emerging from the ashes. Amidst her point-of-view Erik’s experiences and thoughts peek through, giving the reader a keen insight into his mindset and how the Creation drug is affecting him; the emotion flux that is warring inside him–same as we saw in a Talia in the previous books. However, Erik chooses to deal with it differently. We learn more about the powers Erik has gained from his imprisonment, and how they could help the gang save Kenly and the other Created.

Our deepest loved characters have come so far. Talia and Erik are strong in their relationship and feelings for each other–reunited–but with emotions running high, there is a constant need to work together, to not fight. Erik’s anger toward Kenly, however, is yet another setback in their ultimate goal, especially when he may be the only person that can find her in time. Penny, although forever altered by her imprisonment by Mac, torture and the additional side-effects of the Creation drug in her, she has come so far to moving forward…perhaps with Brand by her side, and Talia always supporting her. Frederick and Henri are just always there, reliable and known to say it as it is–no sugarcoating.

I loved this book. I honestly don’t know if Sophie Davis can create something truly horrible. Normally I’m leery of side-stories, or outtakes as these can be considered, but to me they really do feel like another step in the story, not a repetition of something told already from a new perspective or just a fluffy piece to sell. No, this book had purpose. it gave further depth into how the government functions in this alternate society, how it can crumble and the loopholes around laws to protect the Talented.

The hardest part for me was that it did jump around with the points of view, and news-casting, whereas all the other books in the series had been told from one solid point of view.

There’s really not much I can say and gush about without giving away the book, and you all know how I feel about spoilers so instead I’m going to push and punctuate this editorial with: GO READ UNFORGETTABLE!!

While this book takes place after Created, and can go with Exiled, it doesn’t have to (though I highly recommend that you read both because some things will make a lot more sense to character interactions and reactions).

*This book was received in exchanged for an honest review*

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