Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)Cress by Marissa Meyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can’t believe that I hadn’t written this review yet. I could have sworn that I had raved and ranted…Oh wait I’m still doing that. I honestly don’t know if I can ever get over this book. I still have a book hangover going on from this one back in what? April? March? And I’m internally comparing every book I read to the grandeur of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles.

It hasn’t met it’s match yet. I don’t know if it ever will, or if I even want it to.

After Scarlet left me on the edge of my seat, leaning into the abyss–

I jumped.

I jumped hard. I jumped fast. I jumped feet f*cking first into Cress, and it felt good. The story’s tensions caught me immediately, wrapped me in their iron fists. Restrained me as I struggled to figure out the plot before it was due, before it was revealed. Patience my pretties, they cooed.

I know, I’m a weirdo but it was a spin off on fairytales here and awesome, mind blowing, just I-don’t-know-if-I-like-the-original-concepts-anymore Covers of classic stories. Cress, for those of you who don’t know or who couldn’t guess from the cover, is a retelling, an introduction of Rapunzel to the story or as we like to call her Cress and behind her geek physique she is such a tender heart and heroine. Shielding aircrafts, warning Cinder and risking her life, helping the Captain. Oh Captain my Captain!

Yeah this was me everytime we followed the Captain and Cress on their journey (No I’m not going to tell you if you have no clue, gotta keep it vague enough not to spoil a damned thing), whenever he had a setback, when she wanted to just help him. When they were both hurting. What about me? I was hurting! You hurt me Ms. Meyer! Bravo!! I was good and attached to these two, so much, probably more than Scarlet and Wolf and maybe even more so than Cinder and Kai…well I mean, maybe…things had cooled between them within the last two books but I’ll reserve that judgement till this joyride is complete. Till the brakes are good and cooled.

But really, if you couldn’t see past my rambling I think this book was fan-flipping-tastic. I practically accost anyone who looks at it in a bookstore and any friend or relative who lets it slip they haven’t read it or heard of the series might as well have told me they were a part of the Holocaust for how devastated I am on their behalf. And then I make it known that they ARE going to read this series, I even have the books in hard copy if need be for them to borrow a few.

So I don’t want to hear that you haven’t read it, even if it’s only “yet”, go forth and read, see the light


then tell me how right I was, or how wrong, though I won’t be. But in her books, she definitely lets the ink run free and that free spirit brings life to her work!

Go worth and read my Meyer minions (Too much?) Just go. I’m done. For now…

Peace it!

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