No Lesson Plan: notes on a shooting

#wgst150 No Lesson Plan: notes on a shooting.

This is a truly interesting piece, though I understand it is one man’s opinion, I can’t help but feel that there are so many facets and layers missing or left unturned. yes, sexuality and sexism are major factors in many a murder, or forefront in someone’s psychosis. But while women are weaker (generally) and they are perceived as the weaker sex, they are also prone to psychosis and murder. Yet what vulnerability led them to be victims of anothers aggressions, can then show them to be the aggressor. But when put on trial often times pity and sympathy take over, because they are ‘weak’, it was only out of protection, and many more, so they are let off scot-free or with merely a slap on the wrist. If people truly believe in female equality, shouldn’t that be treated just as justly? If it is a mental disease, then these people need help, not judgement. Even if it is prejudices causing these acts of violence, they need clarity and reasoning, understanding and education on the advancement between the sexes–as Halberstam points out–a reeducation. Guns and knives don’t kill, it is the people wielding the weapon that do the massacring, and for what? Misconceived notions? Ghosts and voices in their mind poisoning their reason and sense? Even beyond these people are those who would praise these aggressions against gays, lesbians, trans-, cross-, and all other variations of gender, women in general just for being and so forth. Where are the justification for the verbal abuse and degradation these men and/or women dish out?


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