Review: Soldier On by Sydney Logan

Soldier OnSoldier On by Sydney Logan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have now read most of Sydney Logan’s books and can honestly say that might have a girl crush on her…on her writing? Either way there is may be love going on there: for here, for her characters, for the feels her plot makes me feel.

Okay, I digress.

But seriously this book…it wasn’t what I’d thought it’d be. When I first saw that she was coming out with a military love story I automatically assume that it’ll be another Dear John; he’s in the army, out in war and they’re separated for long periods of time. But the military came between these two for completely different reasons. Now don’t go thinking I’m gonna spoil the plot. Every love story has some type of angst, that’s nothing new.

Brandon Walker and Stephanie James are college students. Yep, that’s right, this book takes place at college. No war zones or boot camps, kind of. Stephanie’s father was killed in ‘friendly fire’ while she was only a babe–she never knew him. Her mother raised her, alone and heartbroken, a shell of the women she was. Stephanie grew to resent and hate the military and thus soldiers were within her wrath.

Brandon Walker, raised by a military man to be a military man had signed at least four years of his life to the service–the ROTC to be exact. They pay his way through college while he trains at the same time.

What neither ever expected was to meet the other. How was Stephanie to supposed to cope with falling for Brandon? Her plan was rigid, it was set, and it did NOT include dating. How could Brandon tell Stephanie he was ROTC when she hated everything the ARMY stood for, telling her meant to lose her, but to hide it he would lose her anyways.

And while finding their way through the realities of love, they also have to battle the harsh realities that life can bring, the pressure of family, the joys of knowing yourself. It is a book that confuses feel-good with real-life struggles that will have you twisted up inside in the best way possible and re-examining your life and personal views.

I just loved this story. I mean I seriously wanted to smack Stephanie a few times, but who doesn’t have that impulse when a girl is being stupid about a hot, caring guy who is completely in love? It always made me wonder if that’s how it is in real life or if stories only make those character flaws specifically for their plot. But I really can’t fault her for it, it was in her nature, that was how she was written, and it worked for the story (it just bugs me personally). Infact everything was great. The story flowed well and the pace never lagged or went too fast, everything seemed to fit its content. The characters had depth and we were introduced and watched them develop, there were no “wham bam thank you ma’m” introductions. You know the ones, where they mention a character, usually that supposedly had a huge impact on the character or plot, yet we never meet them or only get minimal contact. That certainly wasn’t the case here. I felt satisfied with all of the character contact. The ending was good too, though I have mixed feelings. Part of me feels as if it was a quick wrap up, that the story was getting too long or the author felt it was just over and so it ended, but even if their story is over you need that same cushion, that cool down after a hard work out. warm-up, work out and push it, then cool down. You never just end it–you’ll cramp up and can do damage. Same can be said in books. You never want to just end it, it can completely ruin what was an amazing book because now the reader is fixated on should’ve been the ending. Sorry if I seem repetitive, it’s a pet peeve of mine. Though Sydney Logan borders on just ending her novel she pulls it off with her ending chapter and epilogue–a saving grace.

Definitely one of my favorite reads though. I get giddy just thinking about it and want to share all my favorite scenes and lines, but I’m no spoil sport. You just have to read it for yourself.

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