Cover Reveal and BEA Expo

Hello Followers and Non-followers alike!

I’m here today to present to you the new cover reveal of Sophie Davis’ newest upcoming book, Exiled (part of the Talented Saga). The story of Kenly–Talia’s protegé in Caged.

If you don’t remember, after Talia was injured, she was rehabbing and ‘undercover’ at the Talented school where she was teamed up with Donovan, and took it upon herself to help Kenly develop her talents to try out for the Hunters despite her low chances. I won’t give any more than that away, no anything about this book. Go and preorder it now, especially if you’ve read Sophie’s work before you know what a treasure this’ll be!

On another note, I’m very jealous of all the wonderful authors and bloggers at the BEA expo in New York right now. I’ll cry myself to sleep (Okay slight exaggeration, but still..) over all the fun and excitement I’m missing, not to mention I’ve never been to New York!! In fact, Sophie Davis is there now with their very own booth set up, if you;re in the neighborhood, stop by and say “hi” to them. As well as Page to Premiere, Once Upon a Twilight, Fic Fare, and numerous authors, that I’m sure you’ll go ga-ga over without my input.

Have fun reading, blogging, and fairing! Maybe even preordering?

If you want to see my reviews for the other Talented Books check them out here:


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