Review: Jane Austen Girl (A Timbell Creek #1) by Inglath Cooper

Jane Austen Girl (A Timbell Creek #1)Jane Austen Girl by Inglath Cooper
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2 1/2stars

I really wanted to like this book. I mean, it has Jane Austen in the title, country boys, romance…And thats all it had.

Okay I lied, there were other points to the plot, or there tried to be, but it was just swept of in this fast forward, Wizard-of-Oz tornado where we’re switching POVs every chapter (not joke every character had a damned say in this book at every damned turn), there were so MANY subplots that were trying to be the focal point and I felt like because there was so much going on, nothing truly developed past the initial romance between Bobby Jack and Grier.

They tried to have some drama with her mamma, but never devlved to far to make it seem like a big deal and when it final does, its over. Her mom dies.

They tried to make problems with Bobby Jack both with his daughter and ex-wife, but even though they yell at each other not one of the three pulls any punches or show an ounce of DOING a thing about their problems. And by the end its hugs and kisses between Andy (his daughter) and himself, the ex–wife peacefully comes to the realization that he’s no longer hers and there’s still some love for him there and his brother is fine and dandy…because ‘hey! they’re brothers, and brothers last.’

Seriously,, I think the only thing I liked was Bobby Jack, and not even the plot surrounding him just his country-fine, dog-lovin, accent wielding self. But even he wasn’t enough to redeem this book in my eyes–the beginning, the ending, even the middle. None of it made me go WOW! and There needs to be some piece that captures you. Something, something along the way. And Jane Austen Girl didn’t have it.

You put to shame the name of Jane!

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