Review: Mine (Real #2) by Katy Evans

Mine (Real, #2)Mine by Katy Evans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3 1/2stars

REAL. A vulnerable wanting, a sense of knowing “the one”, a pleading to understand and stay.

MINE. A possession. A primal claiming, animalistic and needy. A peace of mind in knowing she’s yours and your hers.

These books, they’re challenging for me to rate.

On the one hand I want to praise them for the sweetness that is Remy, even though some of the more intense animal imagery can be a bit too much. He cuts through me with his protectiveness and loving nature. How without ever having been shown the way, he loves so flawlessly. That despite having such strain with his bipolar disorder he fights. He fights in the ring. He fights for Brooke. He fights for their love. He fights for her happiness and his. He is what makes me read these books. Not the writing. Not the sex, though there are some good perks there.. But Remy fucking “Riptide” Tate is what pulls me through every time.

But then on the other hand I want to say what. the. hell. There was so much repetition, saying it in one sentence then repeating in the next or the following paragraph or page. It got old quickly. Find a new way to describe something or have her something other than clench while looking at him. I mean I get this is an adult book, leaning toward the more erotica side. But come on! If you’re actually trying to carry on a plot, then do it. Don’t have her stand there repeatedly clenching, staring, wanting, and needy. I swear…that was half the book. The other half she was angry and fighting.

I was completely on board with giving this book a 4-star rating, but the ending ruined it for me. I’m big into how books end, to me that is crucial to the entire affect the book has on a person. The beginning is the first thing they read, what draws them in and engages them–they remember that. And then the ending is the last thing they’ll know. What’ll keep repeating over in their head after the story ends. And this, this ending? No, just no. It fizzled.

It had sex, it had happy, but it didn’t have that spark that ran through the rest of the story. It didn’t have something that had the reader looking for more. I thought for sure that *slight spoiler* Brooke would reveal she was pregnant again as a wedding gift, but no she instead shows him a tattoo if his name inked on her neck. Don’t get me wrong, I think she should have done that a lot sooner, but as the last seen in the book? Of their relationship? Can you say disappointed and failure? *end spoiler*

Good thing I had Remy to get me through, huh?

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