Review: Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky #3) by Veronica Rossi

Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky, #3)Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t quite know what to feel about this book.

Happy, because Perry and Aria are together as well as the others?

Sad, because those was so much loss of life?

Bereft, because the ending, while happy wasn’t as fulfilling for me as I would have liked?

Maybe I’m just being picky because I was so caught up in this series. I mean it did incorporate a lot of what I loved about the others into itself: romance, vengeance, betrayal, adventure, action…did I miss anything? But
this is the last in a series, this is its end scene, its closing statement, I felt it needed MORE. It had to go beyond the extraordinary that others exhibited–yes, I know that asking a lot–and bring something spectacular. Go out with a bang, a whimper of relief or pain, but not just fade out.

Am I making sense?

In this finale of what has become one of my favorite series ever, we are taken on a rollercoaster ride the entire story. As Rossi is known for her character death and plot intrigue, it was hard to guess where the story would go and what the characters would do. Sometimes it was painfully obvious (but give a book where you’re absolutely clueless the entire time *raises eyebrow*).

Despite my wonder at her choice of ending, I have to applaud the rest of the book. She knows how to balance her romance and drama with the action and death. The Morbid and sad, battling the lighthearted moments and frailty of love.

Often in books there’s either too much action and harsher emotions, and while some of you might think “hell yeah!” That’s not always a good thing. Having too much despair, sadness, death, angst beat against the reader can wear them down and turn from the story. I know its personally happened to me while reading, and I’ve heard others talk of this. In opposition, if you’re writing a story that is adventurous but also has a romantic subplot–did you catch that SUBplot– it is not the main focus. While I am a die hard romantic, I do not open a book expecting an adventure to get nothing but mushy hearts and roses that wipe out any other context or plot there may be. It spoils the story.

What Veronica Rossi excels at is balancing these things. Having those actions, adventures, deaths, and morbidity while still incorporating a breathtaking romance that will have you swooning till your sick of yourself.

Not only her romance, but world building and character development. Oh, the characters! I don’t think there’s a single character I didn’t come to love…even the evil ones. And every death was like a part of me wilting away.

Even if I saw it coming there were moments of complete jaw dropping, jimmeny christmas, holy smokes,

I can’t believe that just happened, they’re not really gone, they’re just pretending..right?


While Liv’s death doesn’t affect me on its own, when its put in conjunction with ROAR and PERRY, I ache and get teary eyed. I hate Sable and wish I had known her better, even with having that novella bout her and Roar. But it is really Cinder’s death that gets me chocked up. That makes me want to throttle this book, Ms Rossi, anyone I can blame. Give it bad stars just to give justice for Cinder.

Scires and Seers and Auds…Oh MY!
Dwellers without Pods
A Realm that’s real,
Its fire burns and People turn.
A wall of Aether they must through
To get to the Still Blue.

Yeah well, He had to give his life to get through that wall. He was scared. He was Brave. He was everything in this story, and that makes his death all the worse. They lingered more on the impact of Liv’s death than Cinder’s. Of what she sacrificed by going to Sable (when she had been well taken care of) and not Cinder. Can you understand why I’m a little upset? To save others, he gave his life. This boy of barely 13 who was just finding a place in the world, in society, finding himself and coming into his own. Accepting what he was. Neither death was right. But Liv had experience on her side, she had a one true love. She knew family and comforts of home. Of having people to depend on. Cinder was only just discovering these things.


My outrage of death and lack of closure in the ending are overshadowed by the truly beautiful writing and engaging story that any time I think of, I can’t help but smile. Maybe it had to happen this way, that doesn mean I have to like it. Do you? Go to the Still Blue and let me know.

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