Review: Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky #2) by Veronica Rossi

Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2)Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 2. That stepping stone in a trio where it could either be action-packed and suspense leading up to the finale and resolution or the plot plateau where everyone sits around twiddling their thumbs and filling the pages with fluffy stuff.

Can you guess which one this book falls into based on my rating?
Yup. The first. Rossi knows how to do it right.

I’m going to try not to fangirl too much and make this a gushing session about Perry and Aria

…bear with me.

*Ahem* Let me begin….

Oh. My. Holy Hallucinations Batman! God.

Yeah. It was good. Okay, maybe it was better than good. I swear I have lost more sleep to this woman than any other author in a long, long time. So quick rundown of what happens in the book before I gush about what I loved.

~Perry and Aria are reunited *cue music:reunited and it feels so good!*

~But Aria doesn’t want Perry’s job as Blood Lord to be any harder than necessary. And since she’s a Dweller, the Tides are going to be hating on her, she doesn’t want them hating more or on Perry because of their relationship so they hide it.

~Circumstances occur, and basically Perry chooses Aria over one of his people. They turn and half the tribe or so leaves him. Trying to help, Aria and Roar leave in the midst to go to Sable to find Liv and find out about the Still Blue to save Talon.

~Roar and Aria get to Sable. Roar is crushed to find Liv with him. Liv comes back to him. Sable finds out about Aria being a Dweller. Liv is compromised when they try to escape, and Roar and Aria go without her. They lose her in the chaos.

~The Tides are getting worse and worse and Marron lost Delphi. They join forces and start reconstructing a cave. Sables men had brought the other half of Liv’s “dowry”, but they had ulterior motives. They wind up stealing Cinder. As we learn they need him to get to the still blue across the sea and through a wall of Aether

~Perry and Aria save Talon and Clara and many other Pod people including Soren, who helped them escape.

One big, happy, weird family, yeah?

I absolutely loved the construct of this book. The male voice we get. The build up of tension. I feel like everything about this story is the Aether: relationships between characters (Perry and Aria) and different tangents of plot. The plot points will build and stretch. Heightening before slowing down and almost stalling then out of now where a storm will strike you down, hitting you hard and leaving you breathless. Your adrenaline is up and all you want to do is make it through. Is to avoid any more damage, but you know its not over yet. Then it clears, and though its no longer stormy. Its still swirling above your head, waiting for the next time.

Normally an author saves character death or tragedy for the finale, that epic ending of their series. No Veronica Rossi is no normal author. Her courage to go beyond the norm is what makes these books exemplary! I was crushed, emotional, attached, bereft, empty, yet compelled and driven forward. Forced through my own nostalgia to continue on and weather through the pain of not only the characters but myself (I got really attached to these characters, when they hurt, I hurt. When they die. I cry. When their happy, I’m sappy. It’s the circle of freaking life.)

Back to the book. Although I absolutely hated it, I also loved the separation of Perry and Aria. It was great to see those two grow as characters but also their bonds of love solidify and develop while miles apart.

I could honestly go on about this book for a while, but to shorten it, i’ll say this. They Perry scenes I actually lived more and favored over Aria’s. There was just something more to his perspective and actions. See for yourself. Read the book. as for me, I’m going to fawn more over these two cuties, the whole series and well, dive into the final book Into the Still Blue.

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