Review: Pawn (Nightmares Trilogy #1) by Sophie Davis

Pawn (Nightmares Trilogy, #1)Pawn by Sophie Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


*This review may contain Spoilers*

Where the chess game is Life. The players are ancient mythological gods. And humans and Egrgoroi(people who died and are brought back for a second chance at life in exchange for their help in making sure their designs are followed through) alike are pawns in their game of Tartarus versus the Elysian Fields (evil versus good) and keeping the scales from tipping.

This is such an interesting story. I’m always taken with mythologies and the various takes on legends, and as usual, Sophie Davis doesn’t disappoint in her unique perspective on this particular thread.

Her whole life Endora Lee (Eel) Andrews has been a pawn to those around her. Her birth mother. Her friends in pursuit for popularity. Her lacrosse coach for wins. The Panel of Three once she turned eighteen. But she’s also an expendable, and her time may be up as she continually brushes with death…and Kannon Stevens–another watcher. He saved her life, but is there more to the beautiful, electric boy than meets the eye?

Honestly, I love this story. the underlying story and characters are great. It was the basic plot and actions of the characters that bugged me. The way that high school, teenagers, and social life is portrayed seems way too far fetched. I know there are some areas, and some mediums of teens that may act that way, but these kids…ALL of them acted as if it was normal to party nearly every night and drink yourself dumb. To sleep around and fool with boy girl after another. To drive out to secluded areas for random parties. Even the celebration after the lacrosse game was over exaggerated in my estimation. While parties may be thrown, the level to which this was was far beyond anything I’ve heard of. These kids are privileged, I get that. But they are still kids and I would think that their parents would still be vigilant of their whereabouts and going ons…

Despite that, the characters and overall plot shined through. Endora Lee, who was nicknamed as a babe Eel because of her influence over electronics–shocking!–died the day she was born. She was dead for minutes before revived. It was in those minutes that her life and afterlife were bargained for a second chance, and her help in keeping the future on track. Because of that day, on her eighteenth birthday she started dreaming of the future. No literally, she had premonitions; visions from the god, Hermes. And somehow in all of this she and Kannon get mixed up together, when on her eighteenth birthday Kannon saves her life (from being drowned by a lake creature..mermaid) and he already knows her name. As her dreams start that night, the first is about Kannon.

A game of mystery, cat and mouse, love and lies. This is a thrilling first novel that has me begging for more.

What will Davis’ next move be?

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