Review: The One (The Selection Series #3) by Kiera Cass

The One (The Selection, #3)The One by Kiera Cass
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4 1/2stars!

I really do adore the Selection series. I had first started it because I thought “Oh what a pretty cover” and didn’t think that the books would be too engrossing, or original, since they sounded a bit like the Hunger Games revamped.

I was wrong.

I got sucked into this twisted tale hook line and sinker. Between the romance, the quirky characters, the drama, watching America’s shenanigans unfurl…yeah I was neurotic and laughing and happy and sad. I was seriously Team Maxon the whole time not even the short novella from Aspen’s perspective could persuade me. (Romantic, and cmon, seriously? How could you not love Maxon? He’s adorable!! Prince or no)

I loved the characters the most. More than the plot and the covers. They were lovable and annoying, and just so very REAL. Each had their own personality and never lost sight of that with in the story, in fact as time went on we gained more and more from them. Gleaned a little further into who they really are.

Of course the twist of America’s name with the dystopian country, and the fact that she’s a musician/singer by caste and her last name tells you so as well.

I ran into problems with the pacing of the story. We seemed fine, maybe a bit slow at times throughout 90% of the book, and then within that last chapter or two and Epilogue, it was as if all the authors creativity dried up, or someone said, we gotta get this b**** moving and just cut it, said thats a wrap. At first the beginning of Chapter 30 was perfect, but it quickly went down hill, as did the book. It was an amalgamation of killing off characters, heartfelt pleas and declarations of love, gunfire action and hiding, before tying it up in the pretty bow of an Epilogue wedding between America and her man. (Okay, yes, I did still swoon. But come on! There could’ve been so much more to that ending and it was cut short.

Despite the ending, and because of it, I loved this book. It had been everything I had hoped it would be. The ending here focused on what the story had started out as: The Selection. However, while the ending doesn’t show us a complete overhaul of the system, it does lead the horse to water and show where the government and country is headed in the future.

Maybe I’ll feel different after the high of reading has faded away, but for now I don’t think it will and I’m sticking to my stars.

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