Review: Fragile Facade by Sophie Davis (Blind Barriers Serial #3)

Fragile Facade (The Blind Barriers Serials, #3)Fragile Facade by Sophie Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Facades, Friendships, and Fiends: Who is Who?

I don’t know how Sophie Davis does this!

I admit that when I started reading Blind Barriers, I had pretty much convinced myself that I wouldn’t like this series, that it couldn’t live up to her work in the Talented saga. The joke’s on me!

With each book I’m sucked deeper into this mystery; the more confused I am as to what’s going on–what’s happened; the more determined I become to puzzle this out. This is no facade, this is the real deal, and it’s hold on me isn’t fragile or tenuous anymore. The Blind Barriers Serials now singly hold my attention.

In this third installment to the alliterative serials, we not only learn more about where lark is, but what she was doing before she disappeared. And Raven is getting deeper and deeper into this mess at her own hand, and Lark’s. How is Lark pulling the strings? Is Asher all he seems? Because I gotta admit I get a weird vibe every now and then from him. I don’t want to suspect anything, but there IS something just…off about this guy. I can’t be the only one feeling this way, can I?

Questions Questions Questions.

Thats what these produce. Are there no answers in sight? I think these may be worse on my nerves than TV shows, because at least television has some type of resolution within it’s plot, even in a season finale, but this. this just piles on the mystery with no end in sight. It’s maddening! I love it!

In this “episode”:
-Lark is being held somewhere for information
-she’s orchestrated for Raven specifically to find all of these clues
-Asher’s undecided in my book
-Lark had a safe installed to hold passports and credit cards
-Lark copied conversations from her Dad that were potentially dangerous as well as had jewellry made that could jeopardize Blake and the Kingsley’s

(Told you it was a big one)

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