Review: Captivated by Sophie Davis (Talented Saga Novella #3.5)

Captivated (Talented Saga, #3.5)Captivated by Sophie Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two lives flash before your eyes

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Captivated isn’t your normal go-between novella. It is the condensed version of Talia and Erik’s story without all the extra storyline. It starts with their very first meeting when Talia and Erik fight for her chance to join the Hunters (Talia POV). Then it shifts to after Talia’s solo mission and run-in with Ian Crane, when she is injured and Erik goes to visit her in the hospital while she is still unconscious (Erik POV). Then switches again to Talia’s POV after Penny’s trial, while their awaiting her execution and Talia is holed up at the McDonough home and Erik comes to visit and they get some time to just be, and Erik reassures Tals of his place by her side. In the last scene we see, Erik has been captured and being held and experimented on at Tramblewood. Our hearts bleed in this last moment as Erik contends not only with the Creation drug and a broken body, but with images of a broken Talia.

As a romantic, I love this look into these private moments that weren’t included in the other books of the saga, and even more so of these glimpses into Erik’s mind that we’re afforded. They’re very well-written and congruous with his character. Reading this after Created I think gives a much different affect than if it had been in sequence.

I love this quick look at their lives in a blink of an eye. especially ending with the inconclusive look at will they be reunited? Will they Survive? It definitely lines up with the “Life flashes before your eyes” motif that I feel from this novella.

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