Review: Courting Chaos by Sophie Davis (Blind Barriers Serial#2)

Courting Chaos (Blind Barriers Serials, #2)Courting Chaos by Sophie Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In this continuation of the Blind Barriers Serials, Sophie restarts the book as if it is an independent, giving a prologue/present glance at Lark before going back to Raven and Lark’s past. This reintroduction only serves to bring more questions and confusion. I would have preferred to have seen a straight jump into Raven that might perhaps recap what has happened thus far.

Raven continues her search for Lark, or what happened to Lark by following the clues Lark, herself, left behind. She bonds closer to Asher her hottie neighbor, and walks in the footsteps of Miss Kingsley. But the majority of this serial actually follows Lark through her past that lead her to whatever tragedy befell her. We start with after the unaccounted for party and continue on to a trip to Georgetown with Blake, where we figure out how she came to rent an apartment at the Pines under an assumed name.

clues to add to our list:
-the Kingsley diamond
-the crossword puzzle (whistleblower)
-The Pines/Georgetown

I’m very enraptured by this plot. As much as I think I might be distanced or don’t care, I’m constantly finding myself trying to figure out what happened. Where is this going? Am I right? What are the clues? Are there hidden clues that are explicitly told?

While the writing may have some problems, this story is captivating. Sophie masters mystery and suspense, leaving you on the edge of your seat just as a tv thriller would. I’m especially impressed with her choice to give not only Raven’s present POV but Lark’s past, which we watch unravel but not fast enough to reveal what happened to her–only to give more questions.

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