Review: Blind Barriers (Blind Barriers Serials, #1) by Sophie Davis

Blind Barriers (The Blind Barriers Serials, #1)Blind Barriers by Sophie Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is definitely an intriguing story. There’s so much mystery and subterfuge that I’m not sure where it all is leading.

It’s such a short piece you can’t really determine exactly what the book is. This serial cut off before any true plot development or conflict could arise, or even be tended to. It was very much what a prologue and first couple chapters of a novel would be. That very preliminary introduction of characters and background information. It was..teresting to switch between Lark and Raven’s POV, especially after we already know that something has happened to Lark in Raven’s time stream, and will or is about to in Lark’s. The question is WHAT?

What we know:
-Raven is new to D.C., just 18-years-old and trying to live on her own
-Lark is the daughter of a prominent family and recently went missing
-Raven finds her journal and feels a kinship
-Lark had been planning something (did it have to do with Blake? The Pines?)

all other details are obscured by vaguity. Not sure how I feel about that. Maybe it would be different in a longer piece; if these serials were all stringed together.

Despite the brevity of the piece, Sophie’s writing comes shining through and captivating the entire time. She uses a variety of pop-culture references to develop the personalities and environment that these teens exist in.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Blind Barriers (Blind Barriers Serials, #1) by Sophie Davis

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