Rocking the Reading, Eating it in Editing

Yes so while I’m a complete and utter bookworm, I’m also a beta and editor for a few authors. Some just on the internet posting fanfiction or original fiction online, but other like this one that I’m failing right now has a complete book written that is a fabulous and brilliant sci-fi medical, romantic and moral story. And we’re trying to straighten out what’s wrong with a single character throughout the story.

Doesn’t sound so bad right? It’s not. And I do love this story. But instead of working hard for her, i’ve been reading and reviewing books and blogging, testing out wordpress like a kid with a new toy. So I’m going to try to put the toys away and do right by her. She deserves nothing less. After all, without school to take my focus away, now is the perfect time to be a drill sergeant and model helping hand. I can read on my time, not hers.

I will not cry over books, I will not cry over books…But they’re such GOOD books! Oh well, the sooner I do this the sooner I’m embedded between 3 or more books.


Tell me what you think. Feedback people. It's always nice.

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