Review: Hunted by Sophie Davis (Talented Saga #3)

Hunted (Talented Saga, #3)Hunted by Sophie Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Sophie Davis out does herself in the third installment of the Talented Saga.

This novel dives right in where Caged left off. Just weeks after the capture of the Coalition spy and sentencing and Talia sets off for the city to help with the mandatory testing, leaving Donovan and her protégée Kenley at the Talented school. What she finds in the city only fuels her growing distaste and distrust in the Toxic organization.

The streets are full of protests and the people on the verge of rebellion. Inside the actual testing, she is. disgusted by the measures taken against young children and their families.

Throughout her stay, Talia and Erik become increasingly leery of Mac as he goes more and more mad. They also become that much closer together and forge bonds that make them intangible from each other. They work together to uncover all the lies and half truths that Mac and the agency had pressed upon them to years–especially Talia.

But the true pivotal moment is a little boy. He sets forth events that will change many lives forever. Talia freed from Toxic and finally accepting the truth. Erik captured and barely clinging to life. And a war decades in the making, come.

I breezed through this novel, not because it’s such a trivial read, but because I was trapped. Sophie’s words Hunted my conscious, even when I wasn’t reading. Even as I had drew the right conclusions from previous books and pieced the pieces together, she sets everything up in a way that leaves you on the edge of your seat and with bated breath. This was what her two previous books had been leading up to: the main feast that leaves you wanting more. that room enough for dessert which I’m sure Created will prove to be a rich dessert indeed.

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